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Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Crappy Little Streak Saver

I had a whole thing worked out for tonight but it’s turn out to be one LAMFD* for a Saturday and I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this. As usual, Baby Dog decided 6 a.m. is as good a time to get up on the weekend as it is during the week, but I had foolishly stayed up late Friday night. We went around and did things, which I’ll write about tomorrow assuming I don’t end up in the same boat before Sunday’s done with me. Oh, also we got a new printer. We had a little HP top loader for several years, and I’ve always hated it. Top loaders suck. Paper always jams. It got so we had to hand feed a page at a time. Not very practical for my freelance work. As you’ll recall, Mama Dog’s Dad got us a replacement, an old LaserJet 4 he’d found a deal on. That went smashingly for the first week or so, then it started to develop paper feeding issues too. It was just a bit too used, I guess. In her usual practical and proactive way, Mama Dog went out (on the Internet) and found a new printer at a good price, a LaserJet 1320. It’s compact, fast, and reliable. Even does duplex printing. I printed a freelance job out tonight, and the speed made me swoon. It was just like using the printer at work, only without some doddering old troll explaining to me that where he’s marked the word “the,” that means he wants me to type “the” in the spot, where he’s written the word “the.” Or, I mean, explaining that to Dapa Pog, who told me about it. Oh, screw it, I’m tired. Good night.
*Long-Ass Muh-Fuh’n Day.


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