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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hello, Larry

One thing they don’t warn you about in new parent classes is that having a small child can lead to the compulsive naming of inanimate objects – and, worse, to a hopeless inability to resist alliteration when doing so. I’ve previously mentioned Ziggety Zug (Mama Dog named that one – and apologies to her if I’m still not spelling it right) and Hermione Hippo (I named that one). There’s also Fiorella Flower (Mama Dog) and Piggy the rattle* (named, not very inventively I admit, by me). Lately, Baby Dog has become particularly enamoured of a stuffed toy that since the baby shower had languished until this week in the “not-big-enough-for-it-yet” box. So keen was Baby Dog’s interest in this particular critter – it has inspired her to do her first real crawling – that Mama Dog had to give it a name of its own. So now we have Fernando Llama.

But not all things that become baby toys were designed with that purpose in mind. In recent weeks, Baby Dog has become very active when on the changing pad, twisting this way and that to grab at any nearby object that attracts her attention. She’s become bolder in roaming about the table and we’ve had to exercise ever greater vigilance to make sure she doesn’t roll (and now crawl) off into space. The easiest way to avoid this danger through the course of a diaper change is to give her some fascinating object to play with. Initially that meant Hermione or Fiorella, but in baby terms, pretty much any object has the potential to be fascinating, so it’s come to mean anything in arm’s reach that’s not sharp, poisonous, or valuable. A tightly-sealed baby shampoo bottle. The box holding her bumwipes. The little plastic container her shoes live in. One or the other of her shoes. She will happily lie still, studying any of these treasures for long enough to get her diaper changed. In recent days she’s been particularly taken with a bottle of baby lotion, so much so that this morning I finally crossed a line I hadn’t known was there. Say hello to Larry Lotionbottle.
*He’s the one in the middle of the rattle cluster. Which you probably figured 'cause that's the only pig. Bernardo gave us Piggy at the baby shower and he was Baby Dog's first favourite toy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fernando Llama? Couldn't you have tried Rama Llama? Or Llama Rinpoche, or Admiral Llama MoeToe, or my personal favorite, Comosay Llama?

1:58 PM  

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