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Friday, May 27, 2005

Road to Santa Barbara

Yes, it was a long long drive. Whining dog to my left, crying baby to my right. We stopped in Salinas and got burgers at In-n-Out. Used the drive-through. We never do that. There’s a dead-end down a piece from the burger place, and when we stop at In-n-Out we usually walk the dog there in the adjacent field. This time, because we did drove-through, we had to figure out what to do with the dog to keep him out of our hamburgers while we ate. We tied him to a fencepost and told him to stay. Then, as chance would have it we both got back in the car for different reasons – Mama Dog to get the food from the front seat, me to get my dark glasses from the back. Doggy Dog barked desperately. It hadn’t occurred to us how this would look to him; he must have thought we were going to leave him tied up there and drive away. Poor doggy. I walked him around the field a bit, but it’s now completely overgrown and pretty much unnavigable. He came away with red streaks on his muzzle. I’m not sure if he cut himself on something or if it was pollen of some sort or other.

I tied him back up to the fence and we squatted down on the curb next to the car. The rear passenger door was open so Baby Dog could talk to us while we ate. Doggy Dog barked incessantly. The little toy dog from the apartment we’d parked next to came out to investigate, but its people didn’t complain. Doggy Dog yelped some more. Mama Dog, having had a head start, finished first. She took Doggy around the field a bit more. When I was done we switched off again. She fed Baby Dog while I walked Doggy Dog up and down the lonely cul-de-sac approach.

Later, back on the road, we passed a mobile home. “We could use one of those,” I observed. And once again we were reminded. Oh yeah. This is why people buy those godawful SUVs.


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