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Monday, May 23, 2005

To Review: Red = Stop; Green = Go

San Francisco is home to a truly colour-blind society – by which I mean they seem to have trouble distinguishing between red and green at intersections. At the intersection of Mission and Spear there’s an odd switching pattern on the lights, presumably to accommodate a turn lane or something. When crossing the street, you might see a red light on the right side of the intersection but a green light on the left side. The red light on the right inevitably leads to a few hardy souls deciding that “Don’t Walk” sign clearly illuminated in front of them is some sort of clerical error which needs to be immediately rectified by means of placing their own bodies into the path of oncoming traffic. “Press on hardy souls!” I urge them silently. They are the ones who give pedestrians a bad name and the sooner they’re out of the gene pool – or at least the ant trail – the better. Walking home tonight I saw this routine imbecility compounded by novel driving error. Apparently convinced by the jaywalking pedestrians that the light before him was not in fact green, a taxicab driver stopped dead with traffic backed all the way down the block behind him. A second cabbie behind him honked, and the first cab woke up and moved along. No twenty-car pileup ensued, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Then home went I, thinking that even if I had no time to write anything before the season finale of 24 started and no time to think up anything else after it was over and I had to go to bed, I’d at least have this dumb little snippet to use as an emergency streak-saving blog post. And goodnight to you too.


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