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Monday, July 25, 2005

Not What I Was Going to Post Tonight, But Here it Is Anyway

I started writing what promises to be a pretty lengthy post gathering together a few related anecdotes about hookers, but I wasn't able to finish it over my lunch hour and various domestic and professional obligations have kept me from completing it tonight, so oh well. But tomorrow: hookers.

I had a little spike in readership today, so I looked at the hit tracker to investigate, and found that I'd been linked to in some sort of baseball chat board thingy devoted to the team from Oakland. I knew instantly (and correctly) that it must have been the work of ArakSOT, because he's the only person in the world who both reads this faversham and likes baseball. So thanks for the little bump on the hit counter, baseball people. I hope it won't alienate you all if I happen to mention that I despise baseball in general but particularly the Oakland Athletics, because their familiar abbreviation leads to a beastly and unforgivable use of an apostrophe in a plural. "A's" indeed.


Blogger Judy said...

I think Oakland uses the "'s" in their name due to some backwoodsy critters over in my neck of the woods that might mistake "As" as a hind-end body part. Hey, it could happen.

1:46 PM  

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