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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Baby Dog is, Like, Smart

Baby Dog knows she's not supposed to stand up in the tub because when she does, Mama Dog always tells her, "No, Boo-Boo, sit down!" Last night at bath time, she stood up in the tub. Before Mama Dog had a chance to react, Baby Dog turned to her and said, pre-emptively, "No, Boo-Boo, sit down!" Then she sat down.

Also - We were at a neighbourhood parents group brunch this morning. For Baby Dog, the highlight was probably sitting on the kitchen floor looking at a whole new set of refrigerator magnets. She learned to say “Zebra,” which I was surprised to realise had not previously come up much in conversation. I don’t think there’s a zebra in any of Baby Dog’s books. Odd.

Later, at home, I was reading her Dr. Seuss’ ABC. When we got to the page, which says “Big zed, little zed, what begins with zed?” Baby Dog replied, “Zebra!” I know, I know, pretty much every parent is convinced they have a genius on their hands. But we’re the ones who really do.


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