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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Midmorning Thunder

It rained like a sumbitch today, which is what passes for winter in California. Mama Dog was out walking Doggy Dog when the rain suddenly intensified. Halmonie and Baby Dog were in the living room and I was putting away dishes in the kitchen when we heard a low slow rumble of thunder. Mama Dog and I had talked not long ago about how Baby Dog had not yet heard thunder in real life, just the approximation contained in Mr. Brown. I hastened to the other room to point it out to Baby Dog who had scarcely noticed, being absorbed in some book or other. “Listen!” I said, “Boom! Boom! Boom! Mr. Brown makes thunder!” Of course, there was no thunder going on by then, and she looked at me like I was tetched. But eventually more came, and she grew interested. Halmonie put her up on the coffee table so she could look out the window at the rain pinging off the garage roof next door and maybe catch a glimpse of the next flash of lightning. The lightning was all done by then, but when Mama Dog and Doggy Dog returned, bedraggled and dripping, Baby Dog was glued to the window, calling out “Dibble dibble dibble dopp!”* and waiting for another boom to come.
*The sound of rain in Mr. Brown-ese.


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