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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sleeping in Shifts

Nobody honked today, but it wasn’t a good night’s sleep for anyone, either. Baby Dog woke up at five a.m., and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Neither Mama Dog nor I have had a good night’s sleep in the last week, so we’d been kind of counting on catching up Sunday morning. We tried a few times to get Baby Dog down for another hour or two’s worth of sleep, but it wasn’t happening. She wasn’t cranky, just awake. Finally, I just turned her light on, piled a bunch of the books she’d been calling out for (“ABC! Mother! Ladybugs!”) into the crib with her, gave her some water, and slept fitfully while she chattered away in her room. A bit after seven I got up and made her breakfast while Mama Dog put in the earplugs and slept on. Baby Dog gobbled Eggos with peanut butter and blueberries. In hindsight, the thing keeping her awake was probably hunger, and I feel bad that we let her wait for an hour and a half while I got some more sleep, but what’re you going to do? We all really needed sleep. We were at the wall. And like I said, she didn’t seem really cranky, just unwilling to go back to sleep. We listened to Baby Dog’s greatest hits with the sound low (newly added: “Chain Gang” by Sam Cooke; “Day-O [Banana Boat Song]” by Harry Belafonte; “Fernando” [theme for a stuffed llama] by Abba). Then we went into the living room and I curled up on the futon and watched through droopy eyelids as Baby Dog played.

At 9:30, Mama Dog got up, having finally patched together a full night’s sleep. She breakfasted and walked Doggy Dog, then took over Baby Dog duty. I crawled back into bed for more sleep while Baby Dog had her snack and then they went off to play at Habitot. I managed to get another hour and a half of real sleep and finally felt rested. About fifteen minutes later they came back. Baby Dog had lunch, and by the time she was done she was looking droopy. Time for her afternoon nap. “Her turn to go back to sleep,” I said. The family that sleeps in shifts. Only Doggy Dog sleeps through the night.


Blogger Judy said...

Fun times, eh? We trade weekends here - every other Saturday is my day to sleep in. Sundays are a wash with church at 8:30. Sorry about the honker. There has got to be SOMETHING you can do about that! You can't be the only one on the block who thinks it is obnoxious.

8:56 AM  

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