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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Briefly (Again)

We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum with the Pirates today, but I’m too pooped to write about it much. I think Baby Dog’s favourite part was standing in the hollowed-out middle of a big section of tree trunk. “Owl babies,” she observed. There were no owls in evidence, so we had to conclude that she was referring to the hole in the tree, which is where the owl babies (in the book of the same name) have their home. She’s starting to connect her books with real life more and more. It’s quite something to see.

Oh, yes, at the gift shop, I further fed Baby Dog's Peter Rabbit fixation by getting her a bunny hand puppet.

We haven’t Netflicked much in recent months, but I was looking forward tonight to finally seeing – or starting to see - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I was very bummed to find that the disc was cracked. We moved on to the next disc, Early Summer. Now, I’m keen on Ozu, but I was all primed for frothy fun. Stupid disc-cracking post office.


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