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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Diagnosis: Croup

Our paediatrician takes walk-ins on Saturday, so we took Baby Dog in to be looked at. Her cough seemed worse last night, and her breathing was wheezy. We figured it would run its course soon, but better to have her checked out by a professional. Turns out she has the croup, which I’d thought existed only in nineteenth century novels. It was nice to be able to put a name to what ailed her, and also nice to know that, as we’d guessed, it would run its course within a couple of days. The doctor said there are two ways of treating it; one is to just use steam and patience, and the other is to medicate with Prednisone. My immediate inclination – and Mama Dog’s too, I think – was to go with steam. Neither of us are keen to put steroids in our baby at the first little sign of trouble. We ended up letting ourselves get talked into the medication, though, because it makes for a faster recovery. We wanted to be sure she was well enough by Monday that the daycare wouldn’t have cause to send her home. So steroids it is. I gave her two doses today. She’s still coughing, but now she can bench press three hundred pounds. Ba dump bum.


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