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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Weekend Begins

We finally made it back to Pizzaiolo tonight, on account of Mama Dog left work a little early for the American holiday and I was home anyway because it was Wednesday. We were able to be there before the doors opened at 5:30, which seems to be the only way to get a table without waiting. It’s probably the East Bay’s best schmancy restaurant to go to with a child, and in fact we were seated at a large table with another part that included two children and a baby two months younger than ours. Alas, Baby Dog may be entering the awkward age where it becomes difficult to take her even to a baby-friendly restaurant. She used to be willing to stay in a high chair pretty much indefinitely as long as there was either food or a book in front of her. Not anymore. It didn’t help that it wasn’t really her meal time, so she wasn’t too interested in the food we did bring. But we had a nice meal out and Daddy got a tad buzzed because he chugged his too-fruity wine when it was time to go. And now officially it’s the long weekend for the whole family.


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