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Friday, November 25, 2005

Working on (one of) My Day(s) Off

Last Friday, I made a promise at work to have a large chunk of data entry finished by the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving. It seemed very feasible at the time, as work was very slow and I had only a fuzzy notion of how far in the future this American Thanksgiving thing was. Then came the blitz on Monday and Tuesday, when all the work in the world descended upon me. Late Tuesday, it occurred to me that I hadn’t even looked at the database since Friday and I wasn’t going to be back at work again until – yes – the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving. Well, a promise made is a debt unpaid (R.W. Service), so I spent most of today, supposedly a holiday, in the office getting the data entry done. Strangely, it still seemed like I was on holiday, mostly because I got to arrive at work when I was good and ready (about 11 a.m., as opposed to my usual theoretical 8:30 starting time). Also, since the place was deserted for most of the time I was there (a couple of junior engineers also saddled with shit work showed up a little later), there was nobody pestering me about stupid shit while I was getting the work done. In five hours, I sailed through a job that could have taken me all week in regular business hours. If only it could always be that way. Also, for convoluted reason’s the Napster’s not working at home, so it was nice to be able to use it at work. I listened to Leon Redbone the entire time. Just the thing to make a mind-numbing repetitious task glide smoothly by.

I tried to get out in time to join Mama Dog and Baby Dog in a shopping excursion to Walnut Crick, but I was just a tad too late. Still, I was home before they were and still had quality time with my poor sick daughter. She seemed to be doing much better this morning, but her cough has returned tonight and her breathing was a little wheezy when she went to bed. I hope she gets over it soon. This is definitely her toughest round of illness thus far. It’s really tough seeing her feeling so unwell and knowing there’s not much we can do but wait it out. She remains in surprisingly good spirits, though. Mama Dog has taught her to sing the opening line of “Nobody Does it Better (theme from The Spy Who Loved Me).” Even with the wheeze, she’s a happy little girl.


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