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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Eyesores and Brand Recognition

It’s continuing to look not much like Christmas anywhere I go…but that doesn’t stop the neighbours from erecting great gaudy electric monuments of snowmen, a form of sculpture that wouldn’t last a half hour in this climate. I don’t remember seeing so many Ho Ho monstrosities in the neighbourhood in past years. Maybe we have a new crop of neighbours. Or maybe I just wasn’t observing before.

The frozen lunches I get for work were on sale this weekend, so we took a family excursion to Safeway tonight. Four for ten dollars. Can’t beat that. While we were there, Baby Dog again showed how well she remembers and learns. As we entered the store, she immediately exclaimed “Balloons,” pointing at the checkout aisles. She played with a balloon last time we were waiting in line. Moreover, when she saw the little yellow bird on one of the balloons, she said “Tweety Bird!” The day has finally come; Baby Dog has learned her first branded character. Well, actually, she knows that she has Pooh Bear socks, but I don’t think she specifically recognizes that character yet. Mama Dog groaned when I told her about Baby Dog’s brand identification, but I assured her it was okay. Tweety comes from Warner Brothers, and those cartoons were good. Well, Tweety was actually one of the lamest series and the balloons are promoting some horrible newfangled version, but there’s no reason Baby Dog has to learn that for a another few years yet.


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