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Saturday, December 24, 2005

This Year's Christmas Movie (More or Less)

As well you may know, it’s been my tradition for many years to see a newly-opened movie on Christmas morning. This year it became perhaps not impossible but logistically unlikely to keep up the tradition, on account of we’re traveling on Christmas Day. Chances are I could have found a matinee to fall in the appropriate time frame, but that’s not taking into account packing, last-minute erranding, and keeping the wife’s stress level down. I think I’ve documented pretty thoroughly in this faversham my mania for observing traditions once I’ve established them, but, as Billy Bragg put it, we must all bend a little if we are not to break. I agreed that for once I could see the movie on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day, and since it could not therefore be something opening on Christmas Day, the field became wider. What we ended up seeing was Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic. This doesn’t really meet my usual criteria for a Christmas movie; it isn’t an epic and it’s only 72 minutes long. But hey, it has Jesus in the title and what could be Christmassier than that?


Anonymous Mama Dog D said...

Memorable joke from the Sarah Silverman movie:

"So, the other day I was licking jelly off my boyfriend's penis... and it struck me (hand smacks forehead in that "I could have had a V-8 manner): God, I'm turning into my mother!"

The girl is BRASSY!

11:44 AM  

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