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Monday, December 19, 2005

What Time Is It?

One of the things that fascinates Baby Dog about Halmonie is her watch. Perhaps it’s a factor of novelty; I never wear a wristwatch and Mama Dog only does sometimes. Whatever the reason, when Baby Dog pages through our book of photographs and finds a picture of Halmonie, she inevitably points at the wristwatch and says “Hami watch.”

Baby Dog has become even more interested in the watch. Sometime this weekend, she latched on to the phrase “What time is it?” and was repeating it over and over. “What time is it?” “It’s 11:08.” “What time is it?” “It’s still 11:08.” “What time is it? “11:08, still.” “What time is it?” “Okay, now it’s 11:09.” “What time is it?” Later, she latched on to one particular answer she had received: “7:30.” “What time is it?” we would ask her. “Seven-thirty,” she would reply. Twice a day she was correct.

Today when I got home from work I found that Baby Dog was wearing Halmonie’s wristwatch. “What time is it?” we asked her. She glanced at the watch, frowning, as she’d seen Halmonie do, then looked up. “Seven-thirty,” she replied.


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