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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Quickie Before Bed

We went to Costco today to get what one gets at Costco – great quantities of various defecation accessories. Mama Dog got a membership at Costco back in the days when she was working for a software company and was professionally required to visit the place for store checks. I’ve never bothered to have my own membership. As we were leaving the store, Mama Dog decided I should get one – rather whimsically, really, since it’s anyone’s guess how she would ever expect me to get out to the place without her driving. Nonetheless I agreed and handed Baby Dog over to Mama Dog. I was thinking “Too bad I can’t have the baby in the picture with me” when the Costco guy said, “Do you want to have the baby in the picture with you?” “Yes,” I replied. “Yes, I do.” So there I am on my plumb useless Costco membership, nuzzled cheekmeal with Baby Dog.

In other items – today the little girl said “I love you, Mummy,” too.


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