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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Conversation I Had With Baby Dog at 4:30 This Morning

Baby Dog slept most of the way through the night but a coughing fit disturbed her around 4:30. Mama Dog went in to see her briefly, then came back to bed. Baby Dog was coughing again. “Did you give her water?” I asked. “Uh?” Mama Dog said, not really awake. “Did you give her water?” She made a noise that sounded something like “Ih.” Could have been anything. “Was that ‘yes’ or ‘no?’” I persisted. “Yes.” Baby Dog coughed some more.

I got up and went into Baby Dog’s room. She was curled around the sippy cup clutched in her hand, covers kicked off, sleeping, coughing. I gently pulled the sippy cup out. “Sip sip,” I said, handing it back to her. That always turns on some sort of automatic switch guiding her hands to the cup and the cup to her mouth. She sipped, then coughed some more. “No!” she exclaimed, thrusting the cup away. I took it and put it on the table. She cried out, “Covers on!” I straightened her little body and pulled the covers up over her. “Thank you,” she said, and went back to sleep. She still coughed a few times, but it wasn’t a coughing fit anymore. She fell into the sleep that’s still ongoing as I type this post.


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