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Friday, April 14, 2006

Grandpa Pays a Visit

A little girl with the unlikely name of Grandpa* was over to the house tonight. Grandpa is about seven years old, slightly older than my marriage to Mama Dog. This was her first visit back to the Bay Area since her first year of life, so I suppose it was all new to her. When I got home from work, I was very surprised to see Baby Dog and Grandpa sitting side by side in the living room, each reading one of Baby Dog’s books. Last time we had a small visitor – Baby Pirate – there was crying and tantruming when the books were touched. We had resigned ourselves to the idea that Baby Dog was going to be fiercely possessive of her books for some time to come. Apparently, this does not extend to bigger children. Baby Dog seemed very happy to interact with Grandpa, and did not begrudge her the use of any of her toys. It was quite remarkable.
*So unlikely that it's not really her name. But it kind of is.


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