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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First Profanity

[Papa Dog is taking a break from blogging due to illness. Today's post is by Twizzle (Mama Dog).]

On Sunday, Baby Dog uttered a vulgar expletive for the first time. Not out of the blue, of course. She was merely repeating what I had said seconds earlier when a stupid slow driver was taking too long to pull out of the parking lot at the Mexican restaurant where we had just eaten with the Pirates.

Most of the time, I am remarkably restrained when it comes to swearing. Around the house, I'm all like "Shoot!" and "Darn!" and "Oh my goodness!" when a diarrhea-soaked diaper drips poo on the floor or I accidentally fling my strawberry into a pile of dog fluff, rendering it inedible. It's only when I get behind the wheel does my mouth become pottified.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed at the slow-ass driver. "Fuck," Baby Dog echoed. "Bwa ha ha!" I chortled to Papa Dog. "Did you hear that?" "Yes," said Papa Dog. "Ignore it and DON'T LAUGH." I couldn't help but titter for the next five minutes about Baby Dog's outburst. She had uttered the word so clearly and so without context. It was got-damned funny and will most certainly be written up in the Baby Dog Book of Firsts.


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