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Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Email I Just Sent to Thomasandfriends Period Commercial

Dear Thomas and Friends:

My almost-four-year-old daughter is a great enthusiast of the Thomas series and enjoys many of the games and activities on the Thomasandfriends web site. Today we were reading the various character gallery entries in the "Engines" section of the site, and I found a couple of errors that I thought should be brought to your attention. Both are in the entry for Lady Hatt.

First, it refers to Lady Hatt as a "kind and gentile woman." While I'm sure that description is accurate in all its particulars, I have a strong hunch it was supposed to read "kind and gentle woman."

Second, it says that Lady Hatt is wont to scold the engines if they behave properly. If that is true, it must be very confusing for the engines and a great hindrance to their moral development. Surely the gentle gentile lady only scolds them if they behave improperly.

Thank you for providing countless hours of learning and entertainment for my child and my thanks to your webmaster for inadvertently providing me with a good laugh.

Best regards,

Papa Dog