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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another Last-Minute Stopgap Post

I’ve been trying to keep too many balls in the air today, I think. I was off from work (swapped days), but the day zoomed by in a blur of baby care, hanging out with an old school chum, doing freelance work, dogwalking, watching a documentary about Warren Oates and the commentary track for Cockfighter (which I really kind of think I should do a post about but don’t have time to now), doing dishes, fixing the malfunctioning mouse, crafting an entry for this year’s New Yorker caption contest (Mama Dog is convinced I came up with the winner), going out for dinner at Barney’s (where Baby Dog melted my heart yet again by falling asleep on my lap with her head back on my chest), and watching Ami finally get her comeuppance on Surveevor. Now I just barely have time to cobble this together, take out the garbage, let the dog in the back yard for a pee, brush teeth, and go to bed. So no carefully crafted anecdotal narrative this time. And not even one of those things I usually do.

I guess it’s time to shut down the milquetoast poll, which I’ve inadvertently left up a lot longer than intended. As the vote stands, we have a tie between Niles Crane and Felix Unger, I think likely because they’re the two characters most familiar with you modern readers. The “correct answer” I referred to is Wally Cox – not only because he was Underdog, but because in real life there lurked under his buttoned-down and bespectacled façade a pumped-up weightlifter’s body. He would have mopped the Thunderdome with any of those other wusses. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hook up a new poll.


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