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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Dinner Out on a Rainy Night &c

We had dinner out tonight McTalian with the Pirates. They treated. Not very piratical of them, really, but I’m assuming that they used gains gotten ill from some misfortunate frigate. I’m fairly certain they paid in doubloons, which I know aren’t come by honestly these days. Thank you, Pirates!

We had two tables stuck together with a baby on either end. In an unforeseen Betty and Veronica moment, Babies Dog and Pirate were both wearing the the same outfit, or near enough to cause double takes. We never noticed this as a childless couple, but the place is very kid-friendly. The tables are spaced far enough apart to allow a stroller to sit at the end without inconveniencing everybody and it’s noisy as hell, so a cranky child just blends in. In fact, the place was lousy with kinder. Funny what you suddenly start noticing once you become a parent.

There was a table for twelve or so adjacent on our side, and Baby Dog got much cooing attention from that side. Among that large party was a girl just shy of two years old, who absolutely had to see the baby. Big babies love to look at littler babies, perhaps to gain a sense of maturity and superiority over somebody else. She reached down at Baby Dog and Baby Dog reached up at her. The two year old’s little hands looked gargantuan next to those of our five-month-old. All is relative. Baby Pirate was doted on by onlookers on the other side. People with children enjoy looking at other people's children. How about that.

We had a languorous meal and stayed for dessert. It had started raining between courses, so we stretched things out a bit hoping it would let up. It never did. We’d parked several blocks away and hadn’t brought raincoats or umbrellas because we though the rain was done with. Mama Dog draped a blanket over the stroller and we hotfooted it – wetfooted it, I suppose – all the way. Damn Seibels aren’t watertight.

I recommend the ravioli di zucca.

Baby Dog has been an easy sleeper for a long time now, so it’s been a bit of a shock the last couple of days that she’s had prolonged screaming fits before sobbing herself to sleep. I had to work late last night and wasn’t home at bed time. Had suspected that maybe that change in routine set her off yesterday, but I was around tonight, so I don’t know what the deal is. Just hope it’s not the new paradigm. The easy sleeping was not difficult to grow accustomed to.

In other things – you may not have noticed that there’s a new poll up. It looks like the old poll, but honest and for true it’s new.


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