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Friday, December 03, 2004

It's Really True: They Grow Up So Fast

An unanticipated consequence of parenthood: a child of your own represents an entirely new way to mark the passage of time. Everything B.C. (Before Child) is prehistory. Everything afterward is a series of milestones, benchmarks, watersheds, and other compound words. “I can’t believe she’s babbling and cooing already.” “She’s finally lifting her head!” “Oh my god, it’s almost time for solid foods!” “Can you believe she used to fit into these tiny clothes?”

This past week, we’ve passed another marker. Babies have been born to friends whose pregnancies we were unaware of at the time of Baby Dog’s birth. There are other recent babies in our circle of friends, of course – Baby Pirate came just a few months before and little Aidan a couple months after, but these recent arrivals seem like a whole new generation. What’s it like having such a brand-new baby, so small, so unformed, so new to the business of living? It’s only been five months since we had one, but it’s already hard to picture. Every day we have before us an engaged and alert little raspberry-blowing, daddy’s-beard-grabbing, squeaky-toy-chewing miniature person who laughs when tickled and hides her face shyly when she catches sight of the baby in the mirror.

So hello, little Simone and hello little Benjamin, the world welcomes you. We will wait and watch while you grow up to be big and strong like Baby Dog. And soon there will be another sleeper that doesn’t fit. And soon the babbling sounds will shape themselves into words.


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