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Sunday, January 23, 2005

My Sinuses Could Destroy Tokyo

So, I feel like crap. Cold symptoms started to announce their imminence midway through the poker game last night. I finished the game up $11 but dozy, having trouble keeping track of things but managing an inexplicably smooth count-out.

Bernardo and I went out for a wee drinky at McNally’s after the game. Last call was pretty early, so we only had time for but, but by then I was chewing on ice to keep the swelling at the back of my throat down. We headed out, intending to grab a cab at the BART station cab stand, but – der – it was one a.m. and BART wasn’t running. There weren’t going to be cabs there anytime soon. Bernardo caught a bus and I walked home, noticing that it was staring to hurt to swallow.

Mama Dog let me sleep in this morning, but I still felt pretty miserable. We had popsicles leftover from last June. We had expected to use them during labour and delivery – it’s one of the things the mom’s allowed to eat at that stage – but I don’t think we even remembered to bring them to the hospital. They served right nicely to soothe my throat this morning, though. An Advil warded off a headache, and I felt more or less okay once I’d napped a bit more.

I just heard that Johnny Carson died, I’m bummed and ready to go back to bed. I think I’ll be working under the influence of DayQuil tomorrow.


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