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Sunday, May 01, 2005

At Least This One's Longer than Three Sentences, So Maybe Charles Won't Give Me Any Shit

Finally, we slept in. Gran is visiting for the weekend, and she volunteered to get the baby when she cried first thing in the morning. Of course, this turned out to be the first night in a while when there was pre-first-thing-in-the-morning crying – around 5 a.m., to be precise – but Mama Dog nursed and put the baby back down, and we got another solid hour and a half of sleep before the genuine first-thing-in-the-morning crying commenced. Gran took over at that point, and we slept in until the sinful hour of 8:30 ante meridiem.

Later, again through Gran’s good offices, we were able to go out for dinner and a movie. Movie and dinner, actually, since we’re both morally opposed to paying anything other than matinée prices. A good thing, that – our combined winnings from last night’s poker game came to slightly more than seven dollars, which paid for one matinée ticket and a down payment on the second. If we had to pay full price, I’d have had to pawn my watch fob or something.

The movie was Melinda and Melinda, which I couldn’t rank as among Woody’s finest, but which was solidly entertaining, featured Will Farrell in perhaps the smoothest Woody surrogate performance to date, and has contributed to our lexicon a handy exclamatory phrase to use whenever a frying hamburger sets off the smoke alarm: “Oh, no, the Chilean sea bass lightly dusted in lime sauce!”

Dinner was at Cha’am, where we rarely get to dine because it seems too baby-unfriendly. And, at my third bookstore of the evening and probably my twelfth in the last few weeks, I finally found a copy of World of Wonders, the last volume of The Deptford Trilogy.


Blogger Judy said...

An evening out sans kiddo - sounds DIVINE!!!

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