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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bedtime. Must Blog Hurriedly.

Mama Dog went to the theatre this afternoon, leaving Baby Dog and I to entertain one another. We put our heads together and decided to go for a random stroll through Rockridge. We perambulated up past Wally’s World Market , back via the aptly-named Pedestrian Way, up, down, around. When I sensed snoozing in progress, I headed us back home, but the second the stroller stopped moving, she stirred. “Ehh? Ehh?” she inquired. This seems to be one of her new favourite syllables, always posed as an interrogative. “My mistake,” I said. “I thought you were asleep.” I pointed us back the way we came, then headed up toward Telegraph instead. She was asleep again before we got to the end of the block. I made a “U” and took us back to our front door. Again, the second the wheels stopped moving she asked, “Ehh? Ehh?” This time I looked around the hood of the stroller and saw she wasn’t really awake, just stirring because motion had ceased. I gathered her up and took her inside. By the time I got her red hooded sweatshirt* off, she was wide awake and crying. I guess I’m becoming a true believer in the power of the rocker. I set her on my shoulder, rocked and shushed, and she was lolling somnolently in no time. Daddy was thus able to spend an extra forty minutes watching his stories.

Speaking of which – digression – ABC continues to confound me by suddenly making series I like. Grey’s Anatomy is, against all odds, a solid, entertaining show, and Eyes is a frothy little miracle of fun.

During Doggy Dog’s evening walk I did some thinking about a story I’ve been mulling the last couple of days and decided I was ready to go with it. Mama Dog gave me a couple of hours worth of cone of silence time after supper, and I managed to get a couple of scenes written. Some of you know there’s a story I’ve been stuck on since February, which I’ve been obstinately trying to complete no matter how impossible it seems. This is something else, and I’m hoping that if I can get this other thing done quickly – like, by the end of the month – it’ll give me the momentum I need to finish the longer piece. Tonight’s work went pretty well. As always, we can only guess what the week might bring.

And hey - we finished 48 Hrs. in only two installments!
*Actually, it’s pink.


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