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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Niece in the House, Day 4

No prisons today, just a nice sleep in (Baby Dog cranked at 6:30 but went back to sleep and let us slumber on until 8) and then a comparatively leisurely day of shopping and eating. CL and her boyfriend and I again walked into Berkeley, where D the boyfriend sought Beatles albums (on real vinyl!) for his dad and I was under instruction to get birthday presents for Baby Dog. Because our little girl had been observed getting her funk on for a particular song, I was to get music by the band in question. (Don’t tell her, but she’s getting this and this.

Later in the afternoon we headed out again, this time to College Avenue and with Baby Dog along for the ride. We went to Rockridge Kids, where CL and D wanted to get some keepsakes for the young’uns back home. Baby Dog was still awake when we got to the store, and shrieked with delight when she saw the rack of stuffed animals. I let her hold a dog doll, bearing a slight resemblance to Doggy Dog, made by the same company that gave us Fernando llama, and I knew immediately that was a mistake. I was going to have to be very careful to get it away from her without being forced to buy it. Fortunately, CL was an able accomplice, and she spirited the doll away while I distracted Baby Dog with a ball. I was unable to resist, however, buying a book called I Stink!, a touching tome told in the first person from the point of view of a garbage truck. Mostly, I got it for the one page where the garbage truck burps, which is sure to be a source of much hilarity for Baby Dog in the coming months. I didn’t have a chance today, but I hope to read it to her tomorrow.

After that, we had a BBQ in the back yard. Papa Pirate, alone and lonely with Mama and Baby Pirate out of town, came stag. The Mircat and NGR also joined us. Baby Dog dined al fresco in her highchair and tried hamburger for the first time. Doggy Dog was eager but frustrated. I stuck to the shade because I got the hail* burnt out of my neck yesterday waiting for the cable car. When heading out for the first walk of the morning, I advanced the theory that getting a sunburn was like getting a parking ticket – you get a free pass for the rest of the day. Mama Dog refuted that logic, noting that second degree burns turn into third degree ones, and insisted that I slather gross crap over myself. I gave in uncomplainingly. In this case I have to admit that the cure is slightly less unpleasant than the disease. The burn still smarts, but at least it didn’t get any worse today.

After the guests left, we spent the evening looking at photo albums and rehashing family gossip. It was really kind of fascinating getting a later generation's perspective on some of the perrenial issues. Kind of like a game of "telephone." All in all, a nice quiet last day to the visit.
*paul – not a typo.


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Sounds like a good day for everyone! Outdoor BBQs are the best!

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