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Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Few Episodes from Today, Randomly Selected

I got just a shade less than enough sleep last night, and that’s dogged me all day. I woke up with a headache and it’s been recurring at regular intervals whenever I stop and notice it. Mama Dog visited our old stylist (now, since we went down to one income and recollected the fact that I don’t give a shit what my hair looks like, just Mama Dog’s stylist) this morning. The timing worked out just right, with Baby Dog going down for a nap just after Mama Dog left, and I took the opportunity to snooze for an hour or so myself. It was soothing, but when Mama Dog got home and I woke up, there was that headache, handing around the back of my head finishing up the last of the pizza and making a few long distance calls, like The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave.

In the afternoon, I went to the movies with Papa Pirate. Since our wives got to see a movie about senseless fashion choices, yesterday, we took the opportunity today to see a movie with some senseless violence. I didn’t notice my headache through the entire movie, though since I’m getting on in years I have to say the music was kind of loud sometimes. Also, not everything in it made sense. But at least that transporter chief guy from Star Trek got to kick some ass for once.

Baby Dog grows ever more difficult to contain. She wants to explore everywhere around the house and is inevitably drawn to the least safe areas when let loose. She is ever closer to genuine crawling, getting up on her hands and knees in a stationary position but then falling back down on her chest to commando crawl. Today she got up into a kneeling position in her crib for the first time, holding herself up by grabbing the top of the bars. Changing her diaper is more challenging every day, as she grabs every which way for whatever stray object on the table catches her eye. Bath time is tougher, too. She used to be content to lie back in her moulded plastic tub and be watered and soaped. Now she tries to bat my hand away when I go to rinse her head – can’t say I blame her on that one, since I hate getting water in my eyes too – and roams freely about the tub in ever direction. She loves splashing and gets the floor soaked every time. We had supper out tonight, at Shen Hua, and at least one thing was easier than it used to be – she’s finally getting to be the right size for the restaurant high chairs. She seemed to really like being out on the town, grinning widely and bopping happily up and down to music only she could hear as she ate the broccoli and beans that Mama Dog had brought along for her. After eating, we looked in shop windows across the street, including the toy store that always has elaborate window displays. I almost didn’t notice, but as we were about to leave, I spotted one shelf in the window full of rubber ducks. It took a little while to get Baby Dog to notice, but when she did she obliged us by shrieking “Duck! Duck! Duck! Duck!” Good thing the place was closed. She has enough ducks as it is. Later still we stopped off at Andronico’s to stock up on Daddy’s favourite ice cream. She sat in the shopping cart, nestled in the blanket made for us by Grillmeister T’s mother. She watched every element of the expedition with keen attention, correctly identifying the fruit Mama Dog selected (Whispered: “’nana.”) and flirting shamelessly with the woman behind us in the checkout line (twelve items or fewer).

I think the headache’s gone now. So of course it’s time for bed.


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