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Monday, May 30, 2005

Third Day in SB: Urkeling My Glasses

We went out this morning for breakfast with Mama Dog’s Dad. Before we left I had a bit of a mad scramble for my Rx sunglasses. I went for almost forty years without sunglasses I could actually see through and now that I have them I shudder at the thought of doing without them. “What are you looking for?” Mama Dog asked. “My sunglasses,” I said. “I can’t leave if I don’t find them.” We found them. Turns out I left them on C’s desk when I was writing last night’s lame post. Panic averted. I was able to leave, secure in my ability to screen out the dreaded rays of the Dark Lord of the Sol. On the way, we idly discussed what to do with the rest of the day. I was in favour of at some point seeing Crash. The timing would be tricky – Gran wants to take Mama Dog out for some more shopping, and considers any designated end time to be an impingement on the shopping experience. We talked about maybe going to an evening show, but that’s tough too because of Baby Dog’s bedtime. We came to no conclusions.

We met Mama Dog’s Dad at his place, and spent a few minute in there. As we went back out to the car, I was putting the sunglasses on when the stem fell off my regular glasses. Just plop, down to the sidewalk. I picked them up, thinking that it was a matter of screwing the hinge back on, but saw to my dismay that the stem had actually snapped off about a quarter inch from the hinge. They were completely screwn. “You can put it back on with duct tape,” Mama Dog said. “Yeah,” I said sarcastically, “that’s something I’m going to do.” This is the woman who seven years ago wouldn’t be seen in my company if I carried an insufficiently stylish backpack. I guess having wardrobes coated with dog hair and baby spit kind of lowers the bar for acceptable fashion choices.

So, it was a good thing that I’d made such a fuss about finding my sunglasses. I wore them indoors through breakfast. I probably looked like I was trying to look like Johnny Chan or a French hit man or something, but I could clearly see the way to my bacon.

After breakfast, Mama Dog said, “Hey, if you can’t use your regular glasses, you can’t go to a movie after all.” “Oh, okay, I’ll fix ‘em,” I said. That’s what’s known as inadvertent persuasion. We repaired to Mama Dog’s Dad’s place once more and I Urkeled* the glasses up with some packing tape. Just one thin strip. You can barely see it. It’s not going to last very long, but I just have to hold them together until we get home tomorrow and I can use a spare pair. The things I do for cinema.
*Confession: I never watched that Urkel show and don’t even remember what it was called. Family Something? Something Family? I don’t really know whether or not Urkel ever had his glasses held together with duct tape. But from the photos, it seems the sort of thing the character might do.


Blogger Judy said...

I *think* it was Family Matters...I think.

Sorry about the glasses...but glad you had the sunglasses to fall back on!

12:35 PM  

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