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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Can It Get Any Lamer than a Post About My Trip to the Dentist? I'm Glad You Asked that, Skippy.

I know I test the outer reaches of audience interest sometimes, but I fear I’m reaching a new frontier this time around. I have absolutely no idea why anybody would be interested in what I’m about to post.

This here’s the new bag that Mama Dog picked out for me in Saint Babs. I tossed the tag when we were still down south and am not positive of the name of the designer, but I believe it’s something by the name of ILI. Googling has garnered little information, but I think it might stand for Indus Leather Industries. Ain’t no Kenny Cole, anyway. Mama Dog insists it’s better than Ken Cole, because Ken Cole’s all about shoes whereas ILI presumably does chicken (i.e., briefcases) right. I’m uncertain if she’s trying to snow me on this, but she had carte blanche to pick out whatever she wanted as long as it wasn’t colourful or obnoxiously be-logoed, so I can’t think why she’d be anything but completely sincere.

Anyway, I’m pleased with the bag. It has a pleasant leathery smell, creaks slightly as I walk, and has many many pockets. There are at least five separate compartments in the interior and one on the outside, so although the total capacity is slightly smaller than my old case, my ability to sub-categorise crap has increased. It has only two pen holders rather than the three I used to have, but I can cope with that. There is no floppy disk slot, but who uses the damn things anymore? I carried the same disc around in my case since the day I bought it, but only realised that this morning when I removed it while switching over to the new bag. Which reminds me – I wonder what’s on that disc.

The bag’s inaugural day of service went swimmingly, marred only by lapses in my memory that can in no way be blamed on the bag. I forgot to put my high-value BART card in the outer pouch before I left, for example, and had to buy a round trip ticket when I got to the station. I also forgot to bring along a freelance invoice I’d meant to mail. Again – not the bag’s fault. It successfully carried my lunch (chicken with peanut sauce – and this time I remembered to cook it on medium instead of high, so it didn’t come out an ungodly crusted mess of calcified noodles and vaporised sauce – I’d tell you the whole story, but I think I just did), reliably housed the book I’m reading, and was a sturdy guardian all day to the broken pair of glasses that I forgot to take to the optometrist’s for consultation over my lunch hour. The big test came when I left the office – it only took me five tries to figure out at which angle to hold the bag over the scanner at the guard’s desk so my security card would beep from within. I’ll have forgotten which way worked by tomorrow afternoon, but this too can be added to the growing list of things which may not be blamed on the bag.


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COOL BAG!!! Congrats!

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