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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Sissy Myth of Us

In the words of the man who couldn't stop, "Hmmm...can't seem to stop."

Since it's probably our last chance to see a movie together for a while, Mama Dog and I again took advantage of halmonie's baby sitting and went out to see Brownstein and the Confection’ry. Pretty much crap, though I did laugh at the bit where Grandpa Joe says, "Of course, I was a much younger man then." The best part was, we got in for free. We went to Bernardo's theatre, and although Bernardo's not there - he's off in Paris seeing if there's anything he can possibly do to lower France's opinion of the United States* - his boss happened to be working the ticket counter, and he refused to take my money. That was nice.

After, we tried to go to Fenton’s for ice cream, but they were hella crowded. We went instead to Dreyer’s which was not only not crowded but downright sleepy. After a lengthy ordering ordeal prolonged by the mumbling fuckwit behind the counter and the excessive volume on the shitty music playing in the store**, we settled on a rocky road sundae for me and some sort of chocolate monstrosity for Mama Dog. The mumbling fuckwit ran about like Larry Fine searching for Curly Howard to bump into for a few minutes, then came back with his supervisor, who explained that they stopped serving sundaes at 9 o'clock. Which the fuckwit didn't mention as soon as we started ordering sundaes because...? No wonder Fenton's is turning them away at the door and this place looks like ladies' night in the Kabul disco, ca. 2001.

We were there for ice cream, though, and ice cream we would have. I took it as a cue to order something I would never ordinarily order, so I decided for the first time in my life to try bubblegum ice cream. I had always thought it too ridiculous a flavour to even try, and I was right on that...but I can't completely call it repugnant. It was kind of pleasant after I got used to it. Though the little gumballs mixed into it are just plain weird. Do you eat them? Do you chew them? Do you spit them out in disgust? Hard to know which way to go.

Hey, I wasn't going to blog at all today, and here I've done a more thorough post than on many days when I really felt it was my duty to do better. Go figure.
*Short of mooning Versailles with an American flag painted on his ass, probably not.
**Delta Dawn, Helen Reddy, 1973. I mean, really.


Blogger Judy said...

You ordered my son's favorite flavor! He sucks the ice cream off of the gum and saves all the gumballs for later...strange child!

6:49 PM  
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