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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Still Can't Seem to Stop

Halmonie's last night here, and by way of celebration and to make up for Mama Dog's gypping of the night before, I took everybody out to Fenton’s. There was a 20-minute wait for a table, which is always a tense thing when you have a small child with a looming cranky hour, but I managed to keep Baby Dog pacified through the wait by walking her around the lot and letting her look at parking meters, leaves, small dogs, and other points of burning interest. Also, she got to hold the restaurant beeper thingy for most of the wait.

We had decided this would be the night to give Baby Dog her first taste of ice cream. She's had almost no sugar so far, a taste of her birthday cake being about the extent of it. Tonight she had several spoonfuls of my dutch chocolate chip sundae and Mama Dog's banana sundae. When she tasted the banana ice cream, she at first grimaced as she does when fed anything cold, but then exclaimed "Nana!" Discriminating palate. Comes from the mother's side, I'm afraid.

The high point of the evening for her was when one of the wait staff called for attention and directed everybody to sing happy birthday to somebody named - I'm not making this up - O.J. Baby Dog was amazed and delighted that the whole restaurant full of people suddenly started singing the same song. She also quite enjoyed the clapping that followed.

Earlier today, I caught a matinee of Batman Begin. It was much much better than I expected, but I'm a little confused by the title. Unless I missed some pre-credit sequence, the movie had nothing to do with Menachem Begin.


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