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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Couple Brief and Sketchy Notes About this Morning

We went out for breakfast this morning with Famiglia Pirate. It may well have been our first time going out to breakfast since Baby Dog was born. We met up at the Homemade Café. Mama Dog, striving for virtue and I, glorying in the binge that follows weigh day, were a study in contrasts. She had the abstemious vegan’s special – grits, tofu and vegetation – and I had cinnamon swirl French toast with maple syrup, extra butter, and a side of bacon. Baby Dog had already eaten before we left, but to forestall fussiness, she was encouraged to share off of Mama Dog’s plate (and Baby Pirate’s). Nobody suggested she have any of my French toast. Baby Pirate seemed most interested in eating ice. They all have their preferences.

We rendezvoused after at our house, where I had a second breakfast because I, for reasons not clear even to me, was still hungry. Then we went off to Children’s Fairyland for fun and frolic. Baby Pirate tried out the Ferris wheel. It’s very slow, very level, and very sedate, but it was enough to give Mama Pirate palpitations watching her baby go up and around in that contraption. We were too faint of heart to even try it with Baby Dog, and probably still will be for another six months or so. Baby Pirate loved it, though, and Baby Dog seemed kind of thrilled vicariously. She smiled and waved when she saw her cool older friend way up in the air.


Blogger Judy said...

We took Tyler to our county fair yesterday and put him on the carousel (with an adult, of course) - his first ride. He was NOT impressed once the horse went up and down!

12:47 PM  

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