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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This Evening's Vignette

Mama Dog came home early tonight because she had an optometrist's appointment. We all went out together, and while she was having her head examined (the ocular portion thereof), Baby Dog and I took a stroll along Piedmont Avenue. We stopped first at L’Amyx, where I had an overpriced pot of Earl Grey tea and a rather dry piece of cake. Baby Dog sipped water from a plastic cup and didn’t make too much noise, but she was clearly restless. We walked on to the only comics store in the East Bay that doesn’t make me nauseous to enter. It’s been so long since I’ve been in one of those places, it felt like a foreign world. Nothing on the racks seemed the least bit familiar to me. We started to head back. Stopped at the lawn of a church or school or something like that, and Baby Dog and I practiced walking. She’s getting very enthusiastic about it. I’d say, “Let’s walk to that tree,” and we’d do that. She would pat the trunk for a bit, then sit down, crawl some, and I’d say “Let’s walk to that other tree,” and we’d do that. She may have a future in environmentalism…at one point, she literally hugged a tree. We met up with Mama Dog just as she was exiting the optometrist's office. Her eyes were dilated and she was seeing a blue outline around everything. We dined at Little Shin Shin, reckoning her eyes might be normal enough for her to drive by the time we were done. We fed Baby Dog with chopsticks, which was novel. She ate enthusiastically, and in fact got kind of wired and rambunctious. I let her play with my keys to keep her happy before the meal, and the last time she dropped them to the floor I just left them there, hoping to keep them out of sight and out of mind so as to make it easier for me to sneak them back in my pocket when we left. Two different waiters alerted me to the keys’ presence. I kept saying “Yes, I know,” but I guess it offended their sense of decorum. A waiter scooped them up and handed them to me. It happened so fast that Baby Dog didn’t see. We headed home with leftovers and a happy, chatty baby.


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