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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Sound of Cows in the Night

When we put Baby Dog to bed, we generally lay her down under just one blanket or maybe two if it’s cooler Later, when the temperature has dropped a little more, one or the other of us will transfer her to her sleep sack for the night. Usually it’s me on account of we usually do it last thing at night and I tend to go to bed later. The last little while, we’ve been in the habit of doing the sleep sack transfer together. I lift sleeping Baby Dog up, Mama Dog slips the sleep sack under, and we collaboratively get Baby Dog's arms through the holes and zip the thing up. It’s a nice little family ritual.

Last night, as is sometimes the case, Baby Dog seemed determined to stay on her side throughout the sleep sack transfer. This complicates matters because the sack zips up the front. I’d roll her onto her back, we’d start to zip up, she’d roll back on her side, and we’d have to start again. We repeated this several times. On the last rolling/zipping cycle, Baby Dog very clearly said “Moo” before rolling onto her side. Was she dreaming of the cow we saw at the Little Farm this weekend? Or of the cow in The Very Busy Spider? Or was she just working on her vocabulary in her sleep? Whichever it was, perhaps you had to be there, but it was awfully damn cute.


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