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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Baby Dog's First Time at Cha'am

Because I was home with Baby Dog today and Mama Dog’s work schedule is to a degree flexible, we were able to go out for an unusually early dinner. We’ve never tried to take Baby Dog to Cha’am because it’s always crowded and has little breathing space between tables. It seemed a difficult place to manage a small child, and the fact that we’d never seen a baby there boded poorly. We weren’t even sure they had high chairs. Since we were so early, though, we decided to give it a shot for once. This turned out to be very workable. The place was nearly empty, and we could be seated without worrying about some tipsy shrimp nosher stumbling over the child on the way to befoul the restroom.

It turns out not only do they have high chairs, but judging solely by staff reaction, it’s one of the most child-friendly places we’ve ever gone. That is, the half-dozen tiny Asian waitresses all beamed at Baby Dog when we entered and took turns coming over to say hi to her and stroke her hand. We’d brought several weapons of mass distraction with us – the caterpillar book, some Cheerios, one of her bath books, and her very own set of keys, made up of those mysterious keys that have accumulated on our keychains, meant to open doors whose locations we’ve long since forgotten. Every time one of these items hit the floor, it would be scooped up and returned by a waitress before we could even turn to reach for it. Nobody even seemed to mind when Baby Dog slammed her sippy cup down on the table and bellowed “THERE!” to indicate that the cup had been officially set in its proper place. This is something she does regularly, but since she ordinarily does it in the privacy of our own home or in a very noisy restaurant, we haven’t really noticed how loud it is. In a nearly silent empty restaurant, it came off like a gunshot. One of the waitresses jumped. They all still loved the little girl, though, and clamoured to say “Bye-bye” when it was at last time for us to go.


Blogger Judy said...

As a parent, it really makes a dining experience worth its weight in gold when the staff bends over to accomodate your child. Glad you had a nice time!

1:54 PM  

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