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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Daddy at Home Week: Day 2

Baby Dog came with me to the dermatologist this morning, and thoroughly charmed the entire office. Apparently they don’t get many babies there—which figures, since babies tend to have pretty good skin. I set her stroller up next to the examination chair so she could sit next to me, but didn’t angle it towards me in case things got gross. It turns out that the whitehead-looking thing that was under my left eye for the last several months was a cyst, which explains why it wouldn’t go away. Nothing dangerous about it, but I was tired of seeing it out of the corner of my eye, and it can't have been any treat for Mama Dog to look at. The doctor gave me a shot of lidocaine and nicked the cyst off with a blade. Little round band-aid marks the spot, in and out in ten minutes. Baby Dog chatted away throughout, saying “Mama!” to Mama Dog’s Timbuktu bag, which I’d brought along in case a diaper change became necessary. She said "woof" to the dogs in her new book. Then she started playing the “Da-DEEEEEEE!”/“Bay-BEEEEEEE!” game, which the doctor seemed to think was pretty damn cute. Baby Dog’s first minor surgery, though I don’t think she saw any of the gnarly stuff. She seemed to be having a fun outing, all in all.

I got my timing down today. Had morning snack, lunch, and nap time at the appointed hours, and then didn’t take her out again until afternoon snack. We went to a park, where she swung on a swing, went down a slide, patted a tree and called it “tree,” played with trucks, said “Moo!” at a brown-and-white spotted pit bull, and got to pet a little white dog leashed to somebody’s stroller.

Tomorrow will be another big day.


Blogger Twizzle said...

You're doing a stellar job of dadding, Papa Dog! I wish I made enough money for you to be Mr. Stay-at-home-dad every day!

Mama Dog

11:41 AM  

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