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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Still More Cases of Mistaken Identity

I would have mentioned this yesterday if I’d thought ahead and brought the book with met to scan, but… Baby Dog’s new favourite book is the board book of Hop on Pop – or, as she calls it, “HOP!” – the kind birthday gift of Anonymous Beantown.

When I get to this page:

Baby Dog unfailingly points at feisty young Jim and exclaims “Daddy!” I’m not sure what the association is there. The psycho eyes? The antisocial behaviour? Perhaps the dungarees? I think actually it might be the haircut, which resembles my recent buzz. Whatever the case, I can’t be too insulted because she also points at the weird prehistoric feline mutant looking thing and says “Woof!”

Furthermore: the other night, Baby Dog pointed at the armoire in her room and observed “Woof!” Puzzled, I looked where she was pointing and saw that the wood did indeed feature burls that looked kind of like a dog’s face; two black spots for eyes, a black spot for a nose, and swirly stuff around for a face. How about that? Our girl has an imagination!


Blogger Judy said...

She sounds so cute! And, good taste in literature!

11:48 AM  

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