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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hanging Out With the Little Kids (A Brief Sketch)

We had an anarchic playdate today with the Whippets and the Kenilus. We met at the new East Bay location of Caffe Trieste. Three couples, three babies, two of them only five months old. I’m sure the management and the laptop-gazing clientele were eager to see us leave from the moment we showed up. This was my first multi-baby playdate. Mama Dog is a veteran of lunches with five or six or seven babies in attendance, but for me it’s usually been just Baby Dog and Baby Pirate. It’s a different dynamic entirely; you have to look in three directions to figure out for sure which one’s crying. The Whippets and the Kenilus were both astonished by Baby Dog’s chattiness and mobility. I remember that. When you spend your day with a five-month-old, a fourteen-month-old looks like an astounding creature from an Outer Limits episode.

Nobody gave us the hairy eyeball about all the baby noise, which was nice. We were just there for a coffee. I had a slice of some really great zebra cake and an entire pot of Earl Grey tea. When I went to the sideboard to get milk for my tea, I was confounded to find pitchers containing nonfat, half and half, and soy, and nothing else. Nothing between nonfat and cream? Is the place patronised only by cadaverous supermodels and porky suburbanites? I had to wait in line to get some of the 2% waiting by the espresso machine behind the counter.

Baby Whippet and Baby Kenilu were born less than a week apart and their parents, who became friends when they discovered their congruent due dates at Baby Dog’s baek-il, have been working hard to ensure that their sons grow up to be best of friends from the cradle. Right now, their interactions seem to consist of being held face to face until one of them starts to cry, which might not be the best foundation for bosom budhood, but you do what you can until they become interactive. We’re still waiting for Baby Dog and Baby Pirate to truly grok one another.

After coffee, we all trooped over to San Pablo Park, where Baby Dog delighted both herself and the parents of the small children by swinging in a baby swing. “I can’t wait until he can do that,” Kenilu said of his progeny. I remember that, too. It used to seem incredible just to think that Baby Dog would one day hold her head upright. Now look at her.


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