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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fake Sneezes and Doggy Diarrhoea

Baby Dog's new favourite joke: the fake sneeze. “Ah…ah…ah…ah…ahCHOO!” I don’t even remember why I did that a few days back, but it made her laugh. I did it a few more times and she laughed each time. Then she started imitating. “Ah-choo!” was her first stab at it. Then she decided that the build-up was the funny part, so she started saying “Ah…ah…ah…ah…” I switched things up on her a bit with the fakeout fake sneeze: “Ah…ah…ah…ah...ah…ahhhhhhh.” (Pause.) “AhCHOO!” That went over big.

Tonight, putting her to sleep was a bit of a task. She was surely tired but wanted to keep reading the owl book, keep saying “Mama!” to Fernando the llama, keep doing anything but go to sleep. She got a bit tantrummy. When she finally calmed down, I was rocking her in my arms, singing her “Donald and Lydia.” She was whispering something while I sang. It took me a minute to realise she wasn’t singing along. She was saying “Ah…ah…ah…ah….”

In other developments – despite the occasional bit of reluctance at bedtime, Baby Dog’s been reliably sleeping through the night for ages. Perhaps to make up for that, Doggy Dog has decided to be nocturnally restless. He’s become preoccupied with whatever might or might not be on the other side of the south fence at night, running up and down, jumping up on it and disturbing Mama Dog’s sleep. The other night he barked at nothing in the wee hours. It’s a little less dramatic most nights; he just decides to pace, clickety clacking around the hardwood floor, standing at the side of the bed, staring at us and panting. Last night he started whining to be let out around two a.m. and kept at it at irregular intervals until sometime around four I just left the back door open and tried to get the remainder of a night’s sleep. Most times when he whines like that in the night it’s to go after a cat, so I tell him to forget it and lie down. He was so persistent last night, though, that it must have been a more immediate concern. This caused a lot of worry when we left for work in the morning; if indeed he had the trots, would he be able to contain it for the length of a working day? Happily, the floor was unsoiled when Mama Dog returned. Pity a dog walker doesn’t fit in the budget anymore. Those were the days for Doggy Dog.


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Love the sneeze joke!

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