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Monday, August 08, 2005

Yes, Nerf

Baby Dog is getting ever more mobile and finding new hazards to scare us with every day. With Halmonie leaving, babyproofing the kitchen jumped to the top of our to-do list. Perhaps that’s not immediately intuitive…without the extra minder, there are going to be more and more occasions where there’s nobody to watch Baby Dog in, say, the living room while, say, Mama Dog makes supper. Up til now we’ve been able to get away with leaving her in the playpen or the high chair in such situations, but now that she’s more mobile she really won’t be content with that. So…down to the basement with the 6’10” metal shelf full of CDs that always looked like it might tip over in a stiff breeze, let alone with a baby dangling from the second shelf trying to reach my Family Guy first season DVD set. The tricky thing was, through most of the basement the space from floor to ceiling is significantly shorter than 6’10”. It could only go in the garage room, where the floor is for some reason several inches lower, and there only in one particular spot where there’s no pipework along the edges. I was talking with my brother while I was measuring the shelves and the space in the garage. “Measure twice, cut once,” he said with his patented deadpan faux sagacity. Not really applicable when the shelves are made of steel, but that’s my brother. I did in fact measure twice, but I was dumb enough to do it in not exactly the spot the shelves were going, just to save myself the trouble of moving a box which I had to move later anyway. It turns out the floor of the garage slopes up slightly at the walls. There was no way in hell the shelf was going to fit snug against the wall. I got it as close as I could, and left it wedged tight against the ceiling. The good news there is that the only way they’ll fall over in an earthquake is if the roof collapses on top of them. Knock wood.

We still have a lot of work to do on the kitchen, but that’s a start.

Tonight the hazard room was the bathroom, where Baby Dog gave poor Mama Dog perhaps the biggest scare of her life by slipping while trying to stand up in the bathtub. She bonked her head on the faucet…which we now realise we have to put some padding on, stat…and ended up with a big bruise on her forehead. We were greatly worried about the possibility of concussion. We left a message for Dr. Chuck-Morris, and consulted the wisdom of Mr. Spock, who pretty much allayed our fears. Baby Dog did not lose consciousness and experienced no vomiting, which are two of the big danger signs. She played normally right after her bath, and seemed pretty much her usual self. She had a large display of crankiness just before bed, but that’s attributable to any number of other factors, including the new daycare situation and the departure of her beloved Halmonie.

Time now to cover the entire house in nerf.


Blogger Judy said...

We found that you have to be careful with the babyproofing. When my older son was about a year old, we bought HUGE pillows to cover our fireplace because it was bricky-hard and had sharp corners, and he was wobbly wih soft cute spots...not a good combo. However, we failed to realize that big HUGE pillows were kiddo magnets, and in a matter of a couple of weeks, he was running at them and flopping over them, kissing that said hearth with his soft-skinned forehead. Good luck with the babyproofing!!!

5:21 AM  

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