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Friday, August 12, 2005

Daycare, Kisses, Colouring, and Tree Slapping

End of the first week of Baby Dog in daycare. Went well. She loves it there. She has completely enchanted Mama Y, the daycare lady, who sends her home each day with high encomiums. Apparently Baby Dog speaks more, eats better, and sleeps longer than any of the other babies there. Mama Y can’t get over the fact that Baby Dog eats broccoli. That’s her mummy’s influence. She’s also quite impressed with Baby Dog’s recently developed ability to kiss not only stuffed animals but people. She now happily complies when I say “Give Daddy a kiss,” and as of the second or third daycare day has started kissing Mama Y goodbye. It’s going very well.

We had an end-of-the-week dinner out tonight at Rick & Ann’s which turned out to be kind of stressful because Baby Dog was a tad overstimulated. She was colouring with crayons for the first time, successfully making marks on a paper placemat provided by the restaurant. At first she just tentatively dotted on the paper. “She’s ready to do pointillism,” I observed. Then she started making sweeping lines back and forth. Then she started whipping the placemat off the table, looking at the back side, slapping it back down. I think maybe she thought it was like the Magna Doodle and was trying to erase it. She managed to stay more or less presentable through dinner, sharing our food and even getting a little taste of Daddy’s milkshake. She started to get unruly after Mama Dog ordered dessert, though, so I took her outside for a stroll along the block. I showed her how fun it is to slap trees, and she got into that. I also showed her the turtle-shaped bread in the bakery next door, and though turtles are one of the animals she recognises these days, I don’t think she got the resemblance.


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