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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quickie Before Sleep

Mama Dog went with the pirates on a late playdate to Ah-Bee-TOE while I was out at a meeting with some guys about some stuff. After the playdate, they all went to dinner at Mel’s which, as it happens, was just a few blocks where I had my meeting. When I was done with the guys, I called Mama Dog and found she was still at Mel’s, so I hied thither. I was favoured with a very enthusiastic greeting from Baby Dog, who was playing very happily with a yellow balloon. This was her first balloon experience, though she had become familiar with the word “balloon” because there are balloons pictured on her toybox. The concept in action was very new to her, and she seemed thrilled with it, tugging at the string and bouncing the balloon here and there.

Very busy at home: Mama Dog bathed baby and put her to bed while I walked Doggy Dog, took out the garbage, put away the dishes, did my freelance work, and sent emails that couldn’t wait any longer. My head feels like the balloon Baby Dog was bouncing around (courtesy of the very second cold she gave me), and I really need to get some sleep. So nighty-night to you.


Blogger Brownstein said...

Ah, you sad bastard. Remember when quickie was a reference to a hasty and often dangerous sexual liaison? What has become of you Diggity Dog now that you have shed that mangy fur for the stable coat you now wear?

10:42 PM  

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