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Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Birthday in Laurel Heights

M&F had a party today for their little boy A, who’s turned one, providing yet more evidence of the aerodynamic properties of time. We stopped first at Bedroom, Bathroom & Beyondroom to get a new shitcan for Baby Dog’s room, the old one having been taxed beyond endurance in the past week. (Actually, the lid broke off.) By the time we got to M&F’s, the little girl had fallen asleep in the carseat. That’s what happens when you have a party for babies and start it at noon. Fortunately, A wasn’t in his crib when we got there, so we were able to pop Baby Dog in for a snooze and spent the first hour or so of the party unencumbered, just like childless folk. How novel! It’s always a boon to go to a party where baby infrastructure is already in place.

There were many babies there, most of them littler than Baby Dog, and none of them anywhere near as chatty. We heard the parents of a two-month-old sighing in wonder at the sound of her playing the “Da-DEEEEE!” game. “That’s what we have to look forward to,” the mom said. Yes, that’s so.

Unfortunately but perhaps inevitably, A was in a cranky mood for his party, and when everyone gathered for the singing and cake cutting, he was screaming and refusing a bottle. M took him out on the porch to calm him down. Partygoers milled about. Mama Dog thought the porch might be a nice place to sit, so we joined M there and compared babies. After we chatted for a while, F came out with the cake and a few guests who were growing restless and/or leaving. We sang Happy Birthday to A out on his porch while he cried. After everyone finished clapping, Baby Dog clapped and said “Yay.” A birthday to remember, though of course he’ll have to take his parents’ word for it in the future, unless this post is still kicking around the blogosphere in years to come.


Blogger Judy said...

There is really no GREAT time to plan a baby-party - they all run on their own time.

1:22 PM  

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