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Monday, September 05, 2005

Department of Why Didn't We Ever Do this Before?

Baby Dog fell asleep in the car on the way back from the Mircat’s birthday party, leaving us in a bit of a quandary. She hadn’t had a proper supper and also hadn’t had a bath since Saturday night; but she was sleeping soundly fairly close to her proper bedtime and it would be a hell of a chore getting her back to sleep again if we woke her up. We decided not to go to any particular pains to keep her asleep and just let her wake up in the natural course of jostling and dog barking. I took her out of her car seat un-gingerly, and when we entered the house instead of frantically shushing Doggy Dog the way we normally do in such situations, we told him to go ahead and bark like a good dog, which he obligingly did. Baby Dog slumbered through it all. We changed her diaper and she still didn’t’ wake up, so we decided that fate wanted her to go to bed early and without her full supper. Mama Dog gave her a sort of a sponge bath on the changing pad. I was feeding the dog when I heard Mama Dog say “Uh-oh,” and then the familiar sound of Baby Dog chatter. I walked into the baby’s room and there she was in her crib, bouncing up and down on her toes and beaming happily, wide awake. Apparently the last snap of her pyjamas had done it.

We gave her some milk and some fruit and some peanut butter toast. In a major milestone, Baby Dog for the first time successfully fed herself with a spoon, completely unassisted. She picked up a fairly big square of toast and got it into her mouth without dropping it. We applauded and she beamed further. She’d been wanting all day to feed herself, which was a big part of why she hadn’t had enough to eat.

I walked Doggy Dog while Mama Dog bathed the child. After, we spent a few futile minutes trying to put her to bed and then did my plan, which was to take her for another drive until she conked out in the car seat again. We drove randomly around Oakland for about 15 minutes until she was out. It’s hard to believe we’ve never done that before, and that we’ve waited until gasoline was so dadgum expensive to do it. But really, it was pretty fun. Baby Dog is always very happy and quiet in the car, so Mama Dog and I were able to have an actual conversation about a whole bunch of things. “Next time we should put on some tunes,” Mama Dog said, channelling Spicoli. “Yeah,” I said, “and flare up a doobie.”

In other stuff – Baby Dog’s recent new words: “un,” meaning “sun.” “Knees.” “Boons,” meaning “balloons” – she’s really getting a handle on plurals and possessives. “Up.” “Buff,” meaning “butterfly.”

Also: She’s recently learned about monkeys, and I’ve taught her that they say “Eee eee eee!” On the Mircat’s fridge, there’s one of these fake 911 Bush bills:

Baby Dog looked at the caricature of the fake President and with no snide coaching from me said “Eee eee eee!” Good girl!


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You are teaching her well!

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