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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Guess It's Time to Have a Jazz Funeral for New Orleans

I spoke with Avenuu today. She’s taken refuge at her mom’s house in Wisconsin, as has her sister. Since the two sisters come with a significant other and a child apiece, the little house is quite crowded. I asked if Avenuu’s sister wanted any of Baby Dog’s hand-me-downs for her daughter, who is several months younger. Wasn’t sure how much stuff she would have taken when fleeing the hurricane. Not much, as it turns out, but she’s received donations since and her boy was on his way down south as we spoke, hoping to pick up anything he could that they left behind. Avenuu says they’re not going to move back, even if it dries out. She’s afraid of the long-term health hazards. When the city is drained, so it’s said, the sludge that’s left behind will eventually dry into dust and become airborne. Who knew a hurricane had a half-life?


Blogger Judy said...

Long-term health issues haven't even occurred to me...I wonder how many other people are thinking about that?

5:12 AM  

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