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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm, Like, Sore

I’m a bit of a wreck the last few days. My feet have been vexing me more some time and Wednesday morning I woke up to a surprise return of my old nemesis, lower back pain. That’s been mostly under control since I’ve dropped weight (I’m down to 188 these days, if you were still wanting to vote on the “what weight should I be?” poll from many moons ago), but yesterday morning I had a little knot of unpleasantness on my left side just above the glute. Since it was Daddy at Home day, it was bound to get worse as I scrambled around on the floor after small darling child. By the time Mama Dog got home in the evening, I was barely able to stand up straight, and gratefully went to bed before ten.

Today I had a full day to exacerbate things by sitting in an office chair all day, plus a bunch of excess tension over a stupid meeting I had to run. Thankfully, the meeting went well and not nearly as stupidly as I’d feared. The last time this committee met, things bogged down into a chaos of irreconcilable differences, and I’d feared I’d never be able to get the thing going properly. Apparently, a couple months’ time out did the trick. That, and I learned a lesson from last time and came to this meeting with a clear agenda and a ruthless timekeeping hand.

As I type, the creaky achiness from my back has extended through all my limbs, my shoulders, and my poor old brain. At least the brain pain can be readily suppressed with a couple of Tylenol, else I’d not likely be able to bang out more than a sentence or two for you here.

So now I think I’ll have a little taste of ice cream, watch last night’s episode of Lost, and hope one more good night’s sleep will leave my spine in the shape it was meant to assume. At least it looks like a slack day at work tomorrow.


Blogger Judy said...

Say it ain't so!!! Did you rake or mow or do some crazy furniture-moving? Otherwise you might have to chalk it up to age!

5:16 AM  
Blogger Brownstein said...

Firm agenda and ruthless time-keeping hand are the only way to run a meeting. In the quagmire that is the 21st century corporate office, meetings tend to become "hey look at me!" business socializing, which really oughtn't be the point. Good man taking a page from an earlier generation where TCB was the norm.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Twizzle said...

Congrats on running a tight meeting, Papa Dog! Unless it's a "working" meeting, sticking to a tight agenda and nipping meandering diatribes in the bud are key strategies for running successful meetings! And, being the Draconian taskmaster that you are, I'm sure that you shine in this area!

8:41 AM  

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