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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Papa Dog

[Mama Dog Duvalier is guest blogging again today. Papa Dog will return tomorrow.]

If you've been following Papa Dog's Blog for a while, you may think that you know him fairly well: his interests, his temperament, his sensibilities, his pet peeves, etc. Well, being married to the guy for going-on seven years, I can assuredly say that I know Papa Dog better than anyone else does. And some of the things I know about him are quite funny!

Here goes:

1. Papa Dog, who now sports neatly shorn hair, once wore his coif and beard in a manner that resembled a touring bass player for the Guess Who, circa 1974. (They are a Canadian band!)

2. Despite Papa Dog's sweet musings about Baby Dog, he is no softy when it comes to disciplining Doggy Dog. He is downright draconian when it comes to keeping the dog out of the living room, off the dinner table, and off the furniture. (I, on the other hand, am quite lenient when it comes to Doggy Dog. Wonder how this dichotomy will play out when Baby Dog gets more independent?)

3. Papa Dog detests mushrooms (because toads put their asses on them), seafood (and anything that dwelt in the sea), tomatoes (because they look like blood), eggs (I don't know why, but it's probably because they come out of a chicken's ass), and tofu (because its consistency is rubbery and gross and it's made by Chinese hippies).

4. Papa Dog's motto regarding his job is: "Though it's not worth doing, it's worth doing well."

5. Papa Dog is rather fetishistic about shoe-shine equipment. He bought himself a monogrammed, mahogany shoe-shine kit from Red Envelope, but still hasn't used the damned thing. Instead, he gets his shoes shined on Market Street when the whim strikes.

6. Papa Dog is obsessed with Godiva chocolate with chocolate hearts ice cream and eats it every day. He licks the plate clean when he's done.

7. Papa Dog can memorize anything. Kids' books in their entirety, his own short stories, song lyrics, John Waters' no-smoking announcement that used to play before movies at the UC Theatre... he's got an elephant's memory!

8. Papa Dog lives in his green velour bathrobe when he's at home. It's like 9 years old and is pretty ratty, but it's his favourite garment.

9. Though his musical tastes lean toward the folky and smoky, he has admitted to liking that song by Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'," which, I must admit, totally rocked as an end credits song in last year's film, "Monster."

10. Papa Dog is the most generous person I've ever known. His heart is bigger than the Grinch's (after he learned his lesson).

I hope this post doesn't embarrass you, Papa Dog. You are free to lambaste my ass on my blog any time, if you wish.

xoxox, Mama Dog


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