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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Whoops (again).

I was just about to sit down and blog before bed when I suddenly remembered the package of freelance work I’d received Friday afternoon. It’s due Monday morning and I’d plain forgot about it all weekend. Fortunately, it wasn’t that much so I was able to get it done, but now I’m up past my bedtime. So nothing much from me tonight.

We’re finally possum-free. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, unless I screw the pooch again.*
*By which I don’t mean that I have sexual relations with my dog. Just a colourful expression for failure.


Blogger Brownstein said...

Another fine expression for failure, which seems ubiquitous in the Boston area and nowhere else is "shit the bed." ex.: "I'd nearly finished my post, but then Word shit the bed and I need to start all over again."

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Mama Dog Duvalier said...

Screw the pooch reminds me of another colorful expression that could be misconstrued by a dimwitted person: "Bag a possum." In our case, we meant it quite literally, i.e., we "put the possum into a bag." Some idjit mouthbreather, however, might interpret that expressoin to mean, "have sexual relations with a possum," or "get a possum into bed."

9:05 AM  

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