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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Mama Dog

When Mama Dog was guest blogging herein, she shared with you some of the mysteries of Papa Dog that she has divined in our time together. I think it’s only fair that I return the favour:

1. Mama Dog pretty much always thinks it’s cold, regardless of the actual temperature. This applies to both subsets: “It’s cold in here!” and “It’s cold out!” Sometimes the first exclamation, “It’s cold in here!” has a basis in fact – our house is draughty, the way houses tend to be in climates too warm to necessitate proper insulation. As we live in California, though, the second exclamation “It’s cold out!” is pretty much always shy of accurate.

2. When she was little, Mama Dog was so taken with the cuteness of a cactus that she decided to pet it. Her dad had to remove a bunch of needles from her hands with pliers. While we want her to have a healthy appreciation of nature and crap like that*, we are hoping to discourage Baby Dog from repeating this scenario.

3. Mama Dog is musically talented. She played flute and saxophone when she was in school and occasionally hauls out her guitar to strum. She can also coax recognisable tunes out of Baby Dog’s pianophone. She always plays by ear, just like the best and most honest Republican President of our lifetime.

4. Neither Mama Dog nor I had ever changed a diaper in our lives until the day we left the hospital with Baby Dog. (We’ve both changed a few since then.)

5. Mama Dog has long had a dream of making a Halloween costume involving a “tampolero,” but she’ll have to explain that one to you.

6. In restaurants, Mama Dog customarily announces what she will order (usually after having asked me what I’m going to order), and then changes her mind by the time the server arrives. After the meal, she often concludes she should have ordered what I had. She is aware of this pattern but has never yet tried the seemingly logical tactic of ordering the same thing I do.

7. Mama Dog’s favourite alcoholic beverage is Maker’s Mark bourbon but she hasn’t really had it that often on account of all the trying-to-get-pregnant and getting pregnant and breastfeeding and so forth of recent years.

8. Mama Dog owns the entire Beatles catalogue on vinyl, having won it in a radio station contest when she was a young’un. Score.

9. Chien maman est un francophile et sera probablement très heureux de voir que j'ai écrit ce commentaire en français.

10. Mama Dog has a positive genius for writing thank you notes, a form of writing that always reduces me to creative paralysis. In fact, early in our acquaintance after I received my first thank you note from the future Mama Dog, I observed that she was the only person in knew of my generation who had “uh, whaddayacall…manners.”
*You may infer from my phrasing here that when I say “we,” I mean it in the sense of “Mama Dog.” It would not be untrue to deny that it is false to say this inference is not incorrect.


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